Terms and Conditions

1.1 Purchasers of bird sponsorship must allow 10 days for delivery of the sponsorship pack from the date of purchase. We cannot be held liable for any delays in delivery following dispatch.
1.2 All sponsored birds remain the legal property of Sharandys Birds of Prey at all times, which reserves the right to sell, transfer or remove the bird at any time. In the event of the sale, loss or death of a sponsored bird, sponsors may be offered the opportunity to transfer their sponsorship to an alternative bird.
1.3 The Centre does not guarantee that a sponsored bird will be on display at the centre on any given day.
1.4 The Centre does not guarantee that a sponsored bird will be available for flying displays at or away from the Centre premises. Not all birds available for sponsorship can be used for flying and display purposes in any event. Flying and display birds are rested on a rotational basis and will not be available all year around. The availability of a flying and display bird is never guaranteed. We will always give the highest priority to a bird’s health, safety and well-being before making the bird available for flying and display at any time.
1.5 The names of sponsors will be displayed on a board at the Centre. This board is updated regularly. It may take up to 1 week for a name to appear on the sponsor's board.
1.6 Once purchased, sponsorships are non-transferable. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the correct name is provided for the intended sponsor, whether buying for themselves or a third party. Sponsorship packages purchased to be given as prizes (for example for raffles or give-aways) may be excepted but only by prior agreement with the Centre.
1.7 Sponsorship is strictly non-refundable. All purchases are considered final.
1.8 The Centre reserves the right to alter sponsorship benefits packages at any time and without prior notice.
1.9 All visits to the Centre are by appointment only.